5:36 PM


*sees a cat* *gasps loudly*

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5:30 PM
8:43 PM


*on the phone with police after reporting a murder* no you hang up first

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6:32 PM

Boys being with you and in your bed is amazing, but it’s terrible when they have to go home and life goes back to normal.

6:36 PM

Sleepovers with boys are the best.

9:40 PM

Ezra Koenig (by Sarie Cruz on Flickr)
7:11 PM


you’re telling me a chicken fried this rice?

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7:09 PM
7:08 PM


which boob is the clitoris

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7:08 PM
1:31 PM

The music has stopped though. What do I listen to now?

1:30 PM

I’m in an excellent mood. The house is cold enough that I’m dressed in long sleeves and sweatpants. I can listen to music as loudly as I want. I’m cleaning the house. And I’m going to bake a cake later. Good day alone.

1:26 PM


In the Canadian province of Alberta, it is illegal to own less than five cowboy hats

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